Watercolor Easter Eggs Cliparts
Watercolor Easter Eggs Cliparts. Click on image to see more in my Etsy shop.


Easter is a time of re-birth and beginning of a new life. This is connected to seasonal changes where the nature wakes up after hibernation of winter months and the miracle of life begins again. It is a time of hope and starting anew. Easter symbols include fertility symbols, new born animals such as chicks, bunnies, and lambs.

There are number of symbols that are connected to Easter. Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter lambs, and Easter chicks are the most popular symbols of the beginning of springtime.

Easter images keep their colour pallete fresh with dominant bright colours of Easter eggs. Spring clipart images include yellow flowers such as daffodils, forsythia, tulips, and yellow Easter chicks.

There are many games that are played during Easter time, such as Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunt is especially popular among children. Nowadays these eggs are often made of chocolate.

Different counties have different Easter traditions and celebrations.

Some of them have tradition of painting, or decorating Easter eggs. When I was a child I often painted boiled eggs. But often I used an easy technique of staining eggs with onion peel. There are many tutorials on how to stain eggs with onion peel to be found around.

I used to put rubber bands before I boiled eggs in onion skins to create patterns. This required care and some practice as an egg could be easily broken if the rubber band was too tight. If it was too loose on the other side the pattern would not come out.

Image used for this post come from my Watercolor Easter Cliparts set.